Supporting Our Employees

At Seaboard Foods, our more than 5,000 employees are the cornerstone of our business success. We know that providing them with the opportunity to make a good living, offering training and advancement programs and helping them feel connected to why they do what they do each day leads to a passionate, productive workforce.


Seaboard Foods actively recruits and employs a diverse workforce. Our culture of asking 'why' propels innovation through questioning traditional practices, analyzing how we do things and researching and investing in ways to do things better. As such, we look for people who demonstrate an innate curiosity and then encourage them to share new ideas to drive innovation every step of the way. Our comprehensive compensation and benefits programs help us retain people with the necessary experience and drive to keep our operations moving forward successfully.

Employee Appreciation

Our employees are vital to all that we do, resulting in great quality pork to feed families. To continue our commitment to staying connected across each step of the supply chain, our success truly depends on an engaged workforce. Our culture, benefits and compensation reward excellence in our employees to benefit them and their families.

Training and Certification

A safe and humane work environment is a top priority at Seaboard Foods. We think the best food systems start with people being connected and knowing why they do what they do through training. Our training includes on the job training, hands-on instruction and computer-based training programs to maximize learning and retention.

Caring for Our Own

When tragedy befalls a Seaboard Foods employee, our company and our employees stand ready to help. The Seaboard Foods Relief Fund and Butterball Relief Fund assist Seaboard Foods families affected by tornados, fires and other natural disasters.

We supported Construction and Maintenance Manager Rick Martinez when he created a charity to provide care packages to new cancer patients in Oklahoma City's children's hospital after his daughter Grace was diagnosed with leukemia. Seaboard Foods donated and cooked pork products for several charity events raising $55,000 to help cancer patients in his community.