Immigration Support Benefits

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Meet Theresa

Theresa joined Seaboard Foods from Mexico on a TN Visa as a quality assurance technician in our processing plant. She was pleasantly surprised at how welcoming everyone was during her first few weeks here and knew she made the right choice.

Renew Your EAD

Seaboard Foods will pay for or reimburse legal fees and government filing costs and provide a third-party attorney to assist our employees with their EAD renewal, if needed.

  • All Seaboard Foods employees on an EAD are eligible
  • No waiting period – start the process as soon as your EAD needs renewed

Get Your Green Card

Seaboard Foods will pay for all legal fees and government filing fees associated with the permanent resident status for our employees who qualify with the U.S. government.

  • We’ll provide a third-party attorney to assist with your permanent resident status.
  • Employees with a year or more of service with Seaboard Foods are eligible.

TN Visa Professionals

Seaboard Foods will pay for the I94 or TN visa to be extended, corrected, or renewed as appropriate. You must hold a four-year degree from Mexico or Canada in a qualified program

Work in one of our qualified TN positions as an animal breeder, mechanical engineering technician, electrical engineering technician, refrigeration engineering technician, feed mill engineering technician, or food science quality technician

U.S. Citizenship Support

Seaboard Foods will reimburse up to $725 for employees who obtain U.S. citizenship.

*See Seaboard Foods immigration department for policy details and eligibility requirements.

*All immigration services provided dependent on qualification with the United States government.