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Producing Optimal Nutrition at Our Feed Mills

To keep our pigs healthy and strong, we formulate the feed rations in Seaboard Foods’ own mills. Oversight of all the ingredients means we can manage the animals’ diets to help support pig health and nutrition and optimize the color, consistency, tenderness and flavor of our pork.

Throughout their lives, pigs have different nutritional requirements. Guided by our team of veterinarians and animal nutritionists, we’ve developed up to 15 proprietary grain-based rations and specially formulated vitamin packs, adhering to strict quality standards.

*2020 Seaboard Foods Sustainability Report

Eight Feed Mills Strategically Located Near Our Farms

  • Holyoke, Colorado
  • Hugoton, Kansas
  • Iowa Falls, Iowa
  • Leoti, Kansas
  • Guymon, Oklahoma
  • Okeene, Oklahoma
  • Optima, Oklahoma
  • Perryton, Texas

We have strong partnerships with local growers who are committed to meeting our standards for consistent, high-quality grains. Once the grain gets to the feed mill, it is ground, mixed and/or pelleted. We inspect batches before delivering to our farms to ensure all feed meets our specifications for nutrients and safety.