Winternships – Seaboard Foods

Real World Learning Outside the Classroom

Get an inside look at the operations of a large agricultural company with a Winternship at Seaboard Foods. For one week, selected winterns gather in Guymon, Oklahoma for a tour of our connected food system.

Pack More Learning Into Your Winter Break

As a Wintern, you’ll see behind the scenes of our feed mill, farms, processing plant and much more. This is a great opportunity to learn what jobs may, or may not, be of interest to you in the future, network with company leaders and better understand how a large agriculture business operates. Winternship positions are open to college students in their freshmen to junior years.

What You Can Expect from Your Winternship

  • Paid hotel room and meals
  • Transportation during the week
  • Travel reimbursement

Wintern FAQs

When is the Winternship?
The Winternship takes place during college winter break; it is typically in the first full week of January.
How long is the Winternship?
The Winternship lasts approximately one week.
Where is the Winternship?
The Winternship is in Guymon, Okla.
What will I be provided during the Winternship?
Lodging and most meals are covered by us.
Is the Winternship competitive?
Yes, the Winternship is competitive. Many college students want to participate in this program for the learning opportunity, networking and career building it provides. There are only limited Winternship slots.
Who gets selected for the Winternship?
We select students that have fields of study that match with jobs in our connected food system and an interest to work in our industry. We look for individuals that would make strong interns or trainees in the future. Students that participate in the Winternship do not need to know exactly what department interests them the most, or even if we are a good fit for future employment. The Winternship is an opportunity to explore our company and careers that you may not have been exposed to during your studies.
What level should I be at in my studies to be considered for the Winternship?
The Winternship is open to freshmen, sophomores and juniors. However, we give preference to those that are considered juniors at their university, since they do not have another winter break to participate before they have to begin the full-time job search.
What will I see during the Winternship?
During the Winternship program, Winterns will tour and gain knowledge in the following departments: animal production, pork processing, environmental resource management, transportation and logistics, feed milling operations, biodiesel production, human resources, safety, maintenance, HACCP and quality assurance, supply chain management, sales and marketing and more.
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