What to Expect – Seaboard Foods

What to Expect

Do you have questions about our application and hiring processes? Here's some information that will help.

What to Do Before the Career Fair:

One week before...

  • Continue researching our website for more information
  • Ask professors and peers about Seaboard Foods
  • Go to your campus' career services website to find out where we will be located at the career fair
  • Follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook

What to do During the Career Fair:


  • Visit our career fair booth and talk to a recruiter or representative to learn more about our programs and jobs
  • Get additional information about our university programs to read in your free time
  • If asked by a recruiter or representative, sign up for a next day interview on campus or a phone interview

What to Do After the Career Fair:


  • Join us for further networking on your campus, if invited and available
  • Apply online for positions you are interested in and qualified for
  • Attend an on-campus interview or phone interview
  • Visit our locations with an onsite interview
  • We will extend offers within one to two weeks after the final onsite interview

Application Process

Review the job description and determine if you meet the listed qualifications
Apply online for the position (should take under five minutes)
Upload your resume and include your past employment experiences, contact information and campus/community involvement
If you meet the minimum requirements, you will receive an email acknowledgment when you have successfully submitted an application
Your completed application will be reviewed by a hiring manager or recruiting team member
You will be notified if you are selected for interviews
Please keep your contact information up-to-date, using a valid email address you check often, as many communications are emailed
The status of your application will be updated in your applicant profile

What to Wear

DO wear business casual for operational department interviews and business professional for corporate headquarter interviews
DO NOT wear heels or open toe shoes if doing an onsite interview that includes a tour of operations
DO look professional, well-groomed and confident
DO NOT make assumptions. If you are unsure about appropriate dress for your location, ask the person setting up your interview

Questions? Complete our Contact Us form.